Story Behind the Title

I have two passions in life: dancing and eating dessert.  Follow my musings on my personal ballet endeavors, performances I see, and the sweet confections I taste and review along the way, here, on Sweet Pirouettes.

I began dancing at age three on Long Island, where I still call home.  I got my start at June Claire Dance Center in Smithtown, owned by two former Rockettes.  Though a Rockette career is simply not in the cards for me (I’m half-a-foot shorter than those long-legged beauties), I quickly made a place for myself at the ballet barre.

Ballet is my first love; my hair is always in a bun and old pairs of pointe shoes litter my room.  However, I also practiced tap, jazz, and lyrical for years, and even took on dance roles in musical theater productions throughout high school.  Put simply, moving to music brings me immense joy.

So that explains the second half of the title of this blog.  As for the first, I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know.  No matter how full I am after a great meal, there’s always room for dessert.  Always.img_4855

So that’s my blog.  And me?  In real life I’m a college student, halfway through my third year (!) at Fordham University, studying Communications and Italian.  I’ve continued dancing at Fordham with the Jetés, a student-run classical ballet group.

Dance has also influenced my budding professional life.  Currently, I work as an audition assistant at Ballet Tech, NYC’s public school for dance education.  Previously, I completed an internship at American Ballet Theatre’s JKO School.

Thanks for joining me.  Sharing this blog with you is like sharing a little piece of my heart.  Enjoy!

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