Movie Musical Magic

Though last week’s Academy Awards buzz has finally died down, I’m still obsessing over La La Land.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat and have had “City of Stars” stuck in my head for the past two months.

I must admit I swooned at the sight of Ryan Gosling in tap shoes—the clean, simple choreography was the perfect ode to past movie musicals.  In honor of the resurrection of the modern movie musical, I present to you my list of best dance scenes from a movie musical.

And of course, what’s a good movie without some good munchies?  I’ve paired each film with a complementary flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  You’re welcome.

  1. Singin’ in the Rain


While we’re on the topic of handsome men in tap shoes…Gene Kelly in the 1952 movie musical Singin’ in the Rain takes the top spot in this list.  Kelly exudes the purest form
of joy as he taps and splashes through puddles in torrential downpour.  This classic movie is a must-see and also stars the late and great Debbie Reynolds alongside Kelly.

Ice Cream Pairing:
Strawberry Cheesecakestrawberry-cheesecake-detail

What could possibly go better with a classic movie than a classic dessert in ice cream form?

2. West Side Story


The entire movie is essentially one exciting dance battle after another between the Sharks and the Jets, but my favorite is the Mambo scene.  This spicy Latin number takes place in a gymnasium at a high school dance, which makes me feel slightly embarrassed at how awkward and decidedly anti-Mambo my high school dances were.

Ice Cream Pairing:
Cherry GarciaBen__Jerrys_Cherry_Garcia_1420789893391A tangy flavor for a tangy dance.  The cherries and fudge flakes battle it out in this ice cream just like the Sharks and the Jets.

3. Grease


Another high school dance gone rogue makes the list.  Other dance highlights from Grease: Summer Nights, Greased Lightening, You’re the One That I Want, We Go Together…if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s the perfect warm-weather, get-up-and-dance, feel-good film to watch with your own gang of Pink Ladies.

Ice Cream Pairing: Blondie Ambitionblondie-ambition-detail

Sandy is the blondie with all the ambition: she goes after what she wants and she gets it.  The buttery, brown sugar ice cream will make you feel just as warm and fuzzy inside as a love like Sandy and Danny’s.

4. Chicago


Another musical chock full of choreographic gems, but Cell Block Tango takes the cake…er, ice cream.  The sexy, “merry murderesses” demonstrate that you shouldn’t mess with a strong woman who has a fierce fan kick.  If there’s one clip you watch, this one is it!

Ice Cream Pairing: Karamel Sutra Core


Chocolate and caramel together is a sinfully delicious combination, just like the film’s talented criminal couple Roxie & Velma.

What are your favorite movie dance scenes?  Suggest ice cream flavors too!


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