Dancing & Doughnuts

Despite my Italian heritage, there are times when I feel very French.  For example, when I follow up my ballet class with a French doughnut.

The French School

As we’ve previously discussed on Sweet Pirouettes, ballet originated in the French courts of King Louis XIV in 1713.  According to American Ballet Theatre’s online dictionary, the French school is the “basis of all ballet training” and is “known for its elegance and soft, graceful movements rather than technical virtuosity.”  My training consisted primarily of the French School method.


The French Doughnut

Equally elegant and soft? This delectable doughnut from Isabelle et Vincent, a French bakery in Connecticut. This bakery is owned by my good friend Caroline’s parents, and this doughnut made the trek with her from Fairfield all the way to the Bronx.

This doughnut was like a beautiful fried dough sandwich: crispy yet fluffy doughnut buns hugging a velvety filling of chocolate cream.  So large it was quite possibly the size of my face, I could only eat half in one sitting. The French doughnut was balanced perfectly between sweet (chocolate cream, powdered sugar coating) and savory (deep-fried dough). Bon appétit!

Stay tuned for future posts on other ballet methodology and corresponding doughnuts!


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