Dancing & Doughnuts Pt. II

In the second edition of Dancing & Doughnuts, we will be looking at the Italian ballet method and its dessert equivalent.

The Italian Method

The Italian method was established by Enrico Cecchetti, a successful dancer at La Scala in Milan in the early 1900s. He later became the personal coach of the famed Russian dancer Anna Pavlova and taught ballet in Russia, London, and Italy. IMG_5720

The Cecchetti method involves a strict schedule of daily exercises and yearly exams to measure student advancement.  The Cecchetti method was codified in 1922 by the Cecchetti Society formed in London.  According to Dance Informa, the Cecchetti method’s “focus lies mainly in anatomy” with an emphasis on practicing balance, poise, strength, and musicality.  The system has levels from beginner all the way to professional and is often called the Cecchetti Method after its founder.


The Italian Doughnut

This Italian doughnut from the Alpine bakery, whose magnificence I mentioned in a previous post, is actually quite similar to the French doughnut I reviewed last time. Mammoth in size, flaky in texture, creamy inside–another delectable delight!


With white frosting adorned with red and green sprinkles in honor of the Italian flag, this doughnut is extra sweet.  The filling is a fluffy vanilla cream, while the top half of the doughnut is coated in vanilla icing and topped with a cloud-like dollop of whipped cream. All the different layers harmonize so well; this doughnut is simply delizioso!




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