Breakfast & Barre Pt. I

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of breakfast. The thought of eating an egg any style freaks me out, as does any sort of breakfast meat. Cereal, while often sugary, simply doesn’t cut it for me, so I’m often left with a sad plate of toast and a side of yogurt.

However, when breakfast masquerades as dessert, I’m all for it. Why not start your day with the sugariest meal you can dream up? If you’re also not a morning person like me and the thought of rolling out of bed makes you grumpy, pancakes and French toast drizzled with frosting and fresh fruit are sure to make you smile.

Here are some of my favorite sweet morning meals!

Fruity French Toast

I enjoyed this colorful plate of French toast for breakfast at the Vermont Apple Pie Company after a family ski trip a few years ago and have never eaten anything like it since. Layers of flaky French toast under fresh slices of strawberries, whole blueberries, vanilla glaze and cinnamon left me full and still craving more years later!

Sinful Cinnamon RollIMG_6116

Apparently the country’s best breakfast destinations are all hiding near the nation’s best ski resorts! My family shared this massive cinnamon roll at Winona’s Restaurant in Steamboat Springs, Colorado during another ski trip there.  I swear one day I’ll make it back to Colorado just to indulge in one of these buns again!

Poppy Pancakes


The. Best. Breakfast (Slash Dessert). Hands Down.  Lemon-poppyseed-blueberry pancakes topped with a heap of cream cheese frosting, a handful of fresh blueberries, and a helping of homemade whipped cream.  The pancakes were flawlessly fluffy and moist, and the sweetness of the blueberries paired perfectly with the sourness of the lemon.  Lucky for me, I found this gem close to home on Long Island at Crazy Beans of Stony Brook.  As soon as school ends, you can bet I’ll be treating myself again.

After you take some time to digest, use your sugar high to your advantage! In my next post we’ll be hitting the ballet barre!



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